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1. The general information relating to the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) can be found at the FAQ section of the ITF website.

2. The general information for submission of application proposals can be found at the illustrative guide.

3. The general information for submission of reports can be found at the operational guide.

4. The following is the list of persons that you can approach for assistance:

For general information
ITF Secretariat (Tel: 3655 5678)

For project specific issues (including submission of reports)
  • General Support Programme:
    Ms Gigi CHUI (email: gigi.chui@itc.gov.hk)
  • Innovation and Technology Support Programme:
    ITF Secretariat (ITSP Section) (email: enquiry@itf.gov.hk)
  • Enterprise Support Scheme
    ESS Secretariat (email: ess@itc.gov.hk)
  • University-Industry Collaboration Programme:
    Ms Winnie HO (email: wwyho@itc.gov.hk)
  • For submission of applications
    Mr Angus LEE (email: technical@itf.gov.hk)